Gallery visits 2

_DSF1814 copy

I visited a show by a group of Women artists from south London SLWA – entitled ‘I’m Inside, Ring The Bell’ which is described as “collaborative interpretation of judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party”

As I was not aware of the original work I am pleased to have had it brought to my attention. Check it out here

I found it a little hard to navigate as many of the place settings weren’t marked and the selection of ‘guests’ seemed random to say the least- perhaps I really just didn’t have enough time as it was certainly information heavy.

I am still very much in two minds as to the value of women only groups and shows (as I am about men only shows). For me it is odd and to be honest sometimes slightly reductive to see women grouped together just for the fact they are female , however that said there was something very lovely about this show- with each artist choosing a women they wished to champion. This was a very beautifully done show and was clearly a fun project for those involved – also it has opened my eyes to the fact that there exists a Center for Feminist Art and told me some stories of women I did not know of.     My favorite was the setting for Mary Anning  the fossil hunter -shown below._DSF1811 copy


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