What if the cameras are stealing our souls….

Brochure 6 In 2005 I made this mask and took this photo. I remember the date because I was at home sewing this mask when the London bombings happened (luckily not out on public transport with those young men from yorkshire). It was part of a much larger art project I was doing at the time, and for some time after, called History of the Future which I created to try to explain my feelings about the negative impact I felt computers were  having/going to have on society. At that time  saying negative things about technology was not really socially acceptable, I was mostly  either dismissed as a Luddite or considered to be  ignorant. It is with great interest therefore that I look at the current backlash about google glass (such as stopthecyborgs.org) and the work of writers such as  Evgeny Morozov who I am going to see talking tomorrow. It seems it has now become apparent to a critical mass of people that technology doesn’t automatically equate to positive progress for society.


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