Summer Saunter

I was invited to witness the Inaugural ‘Summer Saunter’ organised by Tim Lord and Albion, which consisted of well dressed men walking through London on a summer afternoon.
At first glance it seemed to some people to be simply posh people dressed for a wedding or somesuch, many tourists at the St Paul’s starting place thought this was what was happening. But it was a great deal more interesting and subversive, and truth be told had nothing to do with class and everything to do with style.
_DSF9546 small
They described themselves as “anti-dandy anarchic agitators..strolling in solidarity with all men who dare to dress differently”


I found it very interesting to note that the security guards in Trafalgar Square approached to tell the saunterers that they needed a permit to be there taking photographs, its as if dressing like this is illegal. I have often seen much larger groups with many more cameras freely photographing themselves there, but the very quality of dress of this group confused the guards into thinking that it must require a permit. As clear an indicator as any of how unusual it is to see a group of such well dressed men on an ordinary basis. Had 20 men been wearing tracksuits and jeans they would have been left alone I am sure.

_DSF9681 small
The men who sauntered were a large mix of classes and professions whose commonality was knowledge of tailoring and curiousity about what is possible for humanity.

_DSF9777 small _DSF9795 small

A stop along the way at Malborough Contemporary Gallery
And finishing at Berkeley square with some comedy from Horace.

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